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A California Distinguished School

2011-2012 Handbook









San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School enjoys an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and student success supported by an excellent program and professional staff.   We are here to meet the needs of your children and consider your participation in the program vital for your child to achieve his/her full potential.  We encourage parent involvement in our school through classroom volunteering, open communication with staff, participation in School Site Council, Bobcat Club, sponsored events, and attendance at special student-centered activities throughout the school year.


Through this handbook we hope to provide information about the school to parents and students.  Our goal is to improve the understanding and communication between the home and school.  The staff hopes that you will find the handbook useful, review the information with your child, and keep it for future reference.  Please review this information with your child, sign the enclosed signature page, and return with other pertinent information. 


The staff at San Lorenzo Valley Elementary joins me in extending an invitation to you to visit our school not only to confer about your child, but also to become more involved in our total school program.


We are looking forward to a rewarding and successful school year.



Shannon Calden




San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District

325 Marion Ave.    Ben Lomond, Ca.  95005

Superintendent                                                      336-5194

Business Services                                               336-9672

Facilities/Technology                                            336-9679

Instructional Services                                           336-8852

Personnel                                                              336-5193

Special Education                                                 336-9678

SLVUSD Charter Schools                                    336-1827

Student Nutrition Services                                    335-5384

Maintenance, Operations and                              336-2223

Transportation                                                       336-2223

Operations                                                            335-3464

Grounds                                                                335-5005  

Lea Dakota                             Susan Weber
George Wylie                          Kathy Ritchie

Kip Tellez                                Julie Haff, Superintendent


The Board of Trustees meets generally the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  The meetings are usually held in the Multipurpose Room at the Quail Hollow District Office. The entire community is invited to attend. The meetings begin at 6:00 pm.  Agendas for the meetings are posted at the school offices. 

                     San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School Office Staff & Hours

                        Shannon Calden, Principal

                        Sherry Parker, Administrative Assistant

                        Sue Finau, Registrar & Attendance Technician

                        Mitzi Poetzinger, School Psychologist


The school office is open from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm on regular school days.  It is closed on student holidays and during the summer months.



This is for your information and future reference.  Notices are sent home with children as reminders. 

Occasionally changes throughout the year occur.  Please check updates!


August 23                      First Day of School

August 24                      EARLY OUT DAY

August 31                      EARLY OUT DAY


September 5                 STUDENT HOLIDAY, Labor Day

September 7                 EARLY OUT DAY

September 13               School Picture Day

September 14               EARLY OUT DAY

September 21               EARLY OUT DAY

September 22               BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT

September 28               EARLY OUT DAY                                    

October 5                      EARLY OUT DAY

October 12                    EARLY OUT DAY  

October 19                    EARLY OUT DAY

October 26                    EARLY OUT DAY

October 26                    Picture Day Makeup


November 2                  EARLY OUT DAY

November 9                  EARLY OUT DAY  

November 10                End of First Trimester

November 11                STUDENT HOLIDAY, Veteran’s Day

November 16 - 18         MINIMUM DAYS for Parent Conferences & Book Fair

November 21 – 22         MINIMUM DAYS for Parent Conferences & Book Fair

November 23                STUDENT HOLIDAY, Non-Instructional Day

November 24 - 25         STUDENT HOLIDAYS, Thanksgiving

November 30                EARLY OUT DAY


December 7                  EARLY OUT DAY  

December 14                EARLY OUT DAY

December 21                EARLY OUT DAY

Dec. 23 – Jan. 6            STUDENT HOLIDAYS, Winter Break


January 11                    EARLY OUT DAY

January 16                    DISTRICT HOLIDAY

January 18                    EARLY OUT DAY

      January 23              DISTRICT HOLIDAY. Semester Break

      January 24              STIDENT HOLIDAY, Professional Development Day

      January 25              EARLY OUT DAY


February 1              EARLY OUT DAY

February 8              EARLY OUT DAY

February 13            STUDENT HOLIDAY

February 15            EARLY OUT DAY

February 20            STUDENT HOLIDAY

February 22            EARLY OUT DAY

February 29            EARLY OUT DAY


March 2                   Spring Pictures

March 2                   End of Second Trimester

March 7                   EARLY OUT DAY

March 14                 EARLY OUT DAY

March 16                 STUDENT HOLIDAY, Non-Instructional Day

March 21                 EARLY OUT DAY

March 28                 EARLY OUT DAY


April 2 – 6                STUDENT HOLIDAY, Spring Break

April 11                   EARLY OUT DAY

April 18                   EARLY OUT DAY

April 25                   EARLY OUT DAY


May 2                      EARLY OUT DAY

May 9                      EARLY OUT DAY

May 10                    Open House/ Art Masterpiece/ Ice Cream Social 

May 16                    EARLY OUT DAY

May 23                    EARLY OUT DAY

May 28                    STUDENT HOLIDAY, Memorial Day

May 30                    EARLY OUT DAY


June 7                     End of Third Trimester/Last Day of School






Students must not arrive at school earlier than 7:55 am.  There is no yard supervision prior to this time.  Students should be dropped off at the bus drop off area and go immediately to the playground area.  On rainy days, students should report to the Multipurpose Room.  They will be excused to their classrooms fifteen minutes before class.


All students not participating in an organized school program are required to go home directly after school.  Students who are dismissed at 2:15 should be on their way home by 2:25 and students dismissed at 3:00 should be on their way by 3:10.  Our pick up point is very busy and could be unsafe if pick up rules are not followed.  


Parents are strongly encouraged to follow the designated traffic patterns.  Please do not enter the bus zones or leave your car unattended in the loading areas.  Students dismissed at 2:15 should not wait for older students.  We have no supervision at that time, and a 1st-3rd grade child cannot be expected to wait quietly for 45 minutes without disturbing classes still in session. 


If your child must leave school during school hours, we ask that a parent, guardian or responsible adult (who must be listed on the emergency card) come to the office to sign children out.   The same applies for late arrivals.  Do Not go directly to the classroom.  We will call for them from the office.


SLE is a closed campus.  Students are not allowed on the campuses of the High School or Middle School at any time without permission.


                Kindergarten                                                        8:25 am to 11:45 am

                Grades 1, 2, 3                                                     8:20 am to 2:15 pm (M, T, TH, F)

                Grades 4, 5                                                          8:20 am to 3:00 pm (M, T, TH, F)

                                Grades 1-5 Wednesday Early Out                8:20 am to 1:25 PM


Minimum days are shortened instructional days for students.  These days are scheduled for Parent Conferences Nov.16th-22nd and the last day of school, June 7th.  During this time, the kindergarten schedule remains the same; all other students are dismissed at 11:55 pm. on these days. (On June 7th ALL students are dismissed at 11:30).



EARLY OUT DAYs allow the SLE staff time to work collaboratively on their programs to improve your child’s learning experience.  This professional development time is essential in allowing teachers to plan extra assistance for students who need help and/or extension activities for students who have already learned the current material. 


EARLY OUT DAYS are every Wednesday, with the exception of conference week.  School will dismiss at 1:25 for grades 1st- 5th.                                  3



Psychologist.  We have the services of a qualified psychologist for days per week.  She meets with teachers and parents, and tests students who are referred by the Student Success Team.  No student sees the psychologist unless parental permission is given and the proper documents have been signed. 


Language, Speech & Hearing (LSH) Specialist.  Our LSH Specialist is on campus five days a week.  She works with children during the day, after parental permission has been given.  She also assists the psychologist with necessary testing.


Resource Specialist.  We have a Resource Specialist who works with children who have identified learning disabilities.  Children must qualify before entering this program.


Reading Recovery Services.  Identified students receive assistance from our trained reading recovery teachers.


Reading Specialist.  A qualified reading specialist coordinates reading programs and assistance for students.


Math Intervention. We have a primary and upper grade math intervention program for identified students.


GATE.  We have an extensive GATE program that is provided to students who qualify through district criteria.  GATE starts in 4th grade.


Homework Club. Students who need extra assistance, as identified through teacher recommendation, are eligible for after school homework club which is held 4 days a week.


Youth Services. A qualified counselor is on campus to assists with identified students twice a week.



Students are responsible for books and school materials that have been loaned to them.  If these items are lost or damaged they must be paid for.  New books/materials will not be issued until the money has been received.  Report cards will be held for any text or library books not returned or paid for at the end of the year. 




An effort is made to send home important information in a timely manner.  Each teacher will set up a special day when papers and notices will go home.  This day will be announced at Back-to-School Night.  If you are not receiving notices or examples of your child's daily work, please contact the teacher or look for info in a newsletter the first few weeks of school.


The principal emails a weekly newsletter to families, “Bobcat Tales”.  If you do not receive these emails and would like to, please send your email address to  Our website,, contains a variety of information about the school, including newsletters, teacher information, program information, and a calendar.  Please visit the site for more information.


Bobcat Club is the organized parent group at San Lorenzo Valley Elementary.  It is a group of parents, staff, and community members who are responsible for planning special activities. Each year, times of meetings are determined by the consensus of the parent group to encourage the best participation.  This group is responsible for many of the improvements and activities here at SLE.  Parent support is a key component to student success at school.


The School Site Council is responsible for assisting in writing and monitoring the School Plan and SIP budget.  Members are elected from each representative group.  All parents are encouraged to attend, but only elected members may vote.  The meetings will be held after school at 3:15 once a month.


SLE loves and appreciates its parent volunteers.  Parents are invited to volunteer their time in a variety of areas, including Bobcat Club positions and committees, classroom tutors, art helpers, and library helpers.  Volunteering for even one event a year can make a huge difference in our school.  To increase school safety, all parents are asked to sign at the office when volunteering.  Parents are also asked to wear a name badge designating that they are a helper on campus.  A volunteer survey asking for areas of interest is included in the First Day of School Packet.  Classroom volunteer jobs are discussed during Back to School Night.  We hope you will consider helping.


In the event of a road closure, students will remain at school until he/she can be released into the care of a parent or emergency contact or until the road is reopened and the bus can transport the student.  (Please fill out information sheet in 1st day packet.)  Staff will remain on campus with your child until the situation is resolved.



We believe that good attendance is the first step to a good education for your child.   Being in school on time and on a daily basis is important to a successful education and is an important life skill.  In addition, the primary source of income for schools is based on student attendance.  So, students who are late for school or absent miss out on education and the District misses out on crucial funding.


School begins promptly at 8:20 for 1st- 5th grade, and 8:25 for Kindergarten.  Please plan your morning accordingly so that your student can be on campus by 8:15 at the latest.  If your child arrives at school after 8:20 (8:25 for kinder), they are considered tardy and must report to the office for a tardy slip before they can go to class.    Parents and children need to leave for school with time to spare, as traffic problems do not constitute a legally acceptable reason for late attendance.  According to education code, the only reason for an excused tardy is a medical appointment.


When your child is absent, please call 335-7770 to report the absence to the office.  Please be aware that according to State law the only excused absences are for the following:

1.       Illness

2.       Death in the family

3.       Funeral attendance

4.       Medical appointment (with a confirmed note from the doctor/dentist)


All other absences are considered unexcused, even if the parent notifies the school.  This includes family vacations.  It is our district’s policy that we may require a doctor’s note for three consecutive days of absence.  Additionally, if your child has excessive absences, we may require a doctor’s note for every absence.  According to State law, a student is considered truant if absent for more than three full days that are unexcused. 


Parents should plan vacations and time away from school for other purposes very carefully, taking advantage of the planned holidays and vacation days scheduled on the school calendar.  If vacation time must be taken during a time other than scheduled school vacations, check with the registrar, Sue Finau, regarding Independent Study to see if it applies to your situation.  It is important for parents to know that due to Compulsory School Attendance laws, the district is still obligated to monitor student absences, both excused and unexcused, and to track all absences to check for possible student truancy. 


More than 3 unexcused absences and/or tardies qualifies a student as truant and will be reported to the principal and the Student Success Team for support in promoting on time daily attendance, and/or be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board at the District Office.






The California Health & Safety Code requires every child entering California schools to be properly immunized against polio, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, varicella and Hep B.  Students entering kindergarten must have a dental exam. Each student is also required to have a complete health exam by first grade.  Before school entry is complete, all parents must provide records giving complete dates.  Students will be excluded from school if all health documents are not completed.


Children may take necessary prescribed and over the counter medication at school, under the supervision of the school office staff, under the following conditions:

1.      A written statement from the physician detailing the method, amount and time schedule is on file in the office.

2.      A written statement from the parent indicating the desire that school personnel assist the student as instructed on the physician's statement.

If your child must take medication at school, please check with the office for required forms to be signed by physician and parent.  Students are not allowed to carry over the counter medication with them.  All medications are to be kept locked in the main office.  Inhalers and bee sting kits may be carried by the student.



In the event your child has asthma or is allergic to bees, it is highly recommended that your child have an inhaler in the office as well as on their person if they are old enough to self-administer.  Bee sting kits should be in the office or with the child on a field trip, etc.



Forms are sent home in the fall for those wishing to enroll.  This program is strictly voluntary.


These tests are conducted each year at kindergarten, second, and fifth grade levels.  The school staff may also request tests for students at other grade levels if they feel there is a need.  Notification is sent home if problems are detected.  Permission slips are sent home prior to testing.



It is very important to notify the office if your child develops a communicable disease (i.e. strep, chicken pox, pink eye, head lice, etc.)  A notice describing the symptoms and isolation period will be sent home with each child in a class exposed to a communicable disease.  If the illness develops, keep your child at home and notify the school office at once.  We cannot notify other parents unless you keep us informed.  Your child’s name will remain confidential.



By law, the school staff may render first aid.  The staff may not diagnose or prescribe in case of illness or accident.  We only have one district nurse, and our sickbay area is very limited.  Office staff will notify a parent or emergency designee whenever an accident or significant illness requires a child to go home.  Students will wait in sickbay until signed out by an authorized adult. 


It is very important that we have the names and current phone numbers for at least three local emergency designees.  Arrangements must be made as soon as possible to have the child picked up.  Please inform the school if your child is ill with a communicable disease and could have exposed other children (including head lice).



Sweaters, coats, and lunch boxes which are found at school are put in the wooden box near the Library/Media Center.  Books and other valuables are given to the office for safekeeping.  We strongly suggest that names be put on all personal items, since many coats and lunch boxes look the same.  Items which are not claimed in a timely manner after efforts are made are given to charity.  Students are encouraged to leave unnecessary money at home.



The school district has a hot lunch program for students.  Menus are published and sent home each month.  Cost of an individual lunch is $3.00.  Complete information and meal ticket applications, as well as applications for free or reduced lunch, are sent home on the first day of school.  Your child may also bring his/her lunch to school.  Milk may be purchased from the cafeteria for $.50 by those who bring their lunches to school.  Students will eat their lunches in the classroom and will be supervised by school personnel.  Students are to obey the noon supervisors as they would any teacher on the campus.



Busing is provided by the district, but there is a fee for this service. Annual passes are available for round trip or one way transportation.  A book of 20 tickets may also be purchased at a cost of $20.00 for occasional bus rides.  Single tickets are 1.00 each.  Any student who needs to change bus stops or bus schedules must have a bus pass issued from the school office.  A parent must write a note or call the office before a pass can be issued.


Riding the bus is a privilege and students are expected to follow the established rules.  Citations are given for failure to follow these rules and bus privileges may be suspended.  Parents are notified by the transportation department when problems arise. The transportation department can be contacted at 336-2223 if you have any questions or concerns.



We have a library/media center located on campus.  It is an integral part of our program.  Classes are scheduled for regular visits.  Parent volunteers are always welcome.  The library is open before school at 8:00 am and will close when school ends at 3:00 pm


Lost or damaged books must be paid for.  A student's report card will be held each trimester for missing, lost, or damaged books until the debt is cleared. 



The purpose of homework is to provide an opportunity for students to practice and review concepts that have already been taught in the classroom.  The teachers will be discussing their homework policy at Back to School Night.  Parents frequently ask the school how they can help their children at home. 


We suggest the following:

  1. Expect that homework will be completed before dinner.
  2. Provide a quiet place for homework to be done.

3.       Monitor all TV watched.  To alleviate stress, psychologists recommend that TV viewing should be curtailed 45 minutes before bedtime.

4.       Encourage the use of the library and reading.

5.       Ask your babysitter to help enforce the above rules.

6.       Help your child remember to return all books and papers each day.

7.       Make sure that your child has the necessary supplies at home.

8.       Check all completed homework and review assignments that have been returned by the teacher.

9.       Call the teacher if you have questions or concerns.


All SLE homework assignments are given to provide practice and reinforcement of newly learned skills; to help develop a sense of personal responsibility; to encourage self-discipline; and to extend each child's ability to study independently. 


Your child's homework assignments could include any or all of the following:  completion of work assigned during the regular school day; reinforcement of skills previously taught; long-term assignments such as book reports and research projects; weekly assignments such as spelling, vocabulary, and math facts. 


The amount of time spent on homework can vary with the individual child; however, in general terms, the following is a realistic overview of expectations at SLE:                


Kindergarten          40 minutes/week

First                         20 minutes, 3 nights/week

Second                   20 minutes, 3 nights/week

Third                        20 minutes, 4 nights/week

Fourth                      30 minutes, 4 nights/week

Fifth                         45 minutes, 4 nights/week


If your child is ill and must stay at home, please remind him/her to get make-up work when he/she returns.  This is a student's responsibility.  For primary students, please contact your child’s teacher.  If your child will be out two or more days and you would like to pick up work, please call the office no later than 9:30 am so that we can contact the teacher.  The work will be sent to the office and may be picked up by the parent, a sibling, or neighborhood friend AFTER SCHOOL. This procedure minimizes interruption to classroom instruction and maximizes an organized assignment for your student.




San Lorenzo Valley Elementary has an open door policy.  Parents, students, and community members are always welcome to share ideas or concerns with school personnel and administration. If the office is busy, please leave your name and phone number and we will return your call promptly.  If you would rather come in and conference with us, please call first to make an appointment.  The staff member may have a previously scheduled meeting or appointment.  Our policy regarding classroom concerns requires that the parent first contact the teacher.  If the problem is not resolved, then contact the principal.



This information is vital to your child’s safety.  An emergency information update form is sent home with each child at the beginning of each year.  Parents should correct/change information and return it the 1st week of school.  If you move or change phone numbers the office should be notified immediately.  Should your child become ill or injured at school, we must know how to reach an adult.  Please give us the names of at least three adults who may be contacted if we cannot reach you.  Children may not be released to persons not on the emergency card without a written note.




Representative samples of each student’s work are sent home periodically.  Each teacher will set up a schedule so that parents will know when to expect work.  Academic progress will be reported three times a year, at the end of each trimester. Parent/Teacher conferences will be held in November.  If problems arise, the teacher and principal are available to conference with parents and students.  AS A PROFESSIONAL COURTESY, WE ASK THAT YOU MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE TEACHER BEFORE COMING TO SCHOOL.















The school and classroom rules are reviewed at the beginning of the year and again after Winter Vacation.  Specific rules are also reviewed by the classroom teacher and the principal when problems arise.    Cooperation and support from the home are essential to maintain a good educational environment.


  1. Disorderly Conduct:  Students may not push, fight, wrestle, bite, spit, throw rocks/sand, kick, disobey school personnel, cause disruption in the classroom, etc.  Threatening to cause harm or intentionally causing harm may result in suspension.
  2. Gross Misconduct:  Students may not engage in serious fighting, vandalism, disrespect, stealing, harassment, use of contraband, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.  Violations may result in suspension from school.  (Education Code 48900)  Vandalism in any form may result in suspension and the District may collect for damages.
  3. Verbal Abuse:  Students may not use profanity, talk back to school personnel, bully or tease others, make racial statements or slurs, etc.  Swearing and obscene language (including gestures), or any form of sexual harassment towards anyone at school will not be tolerated and can result in suspension.
  4. Possession or Talk of Weapons:  All knives or potentially dangerous weapons are (by law) not allowed at school.  Possession of any dangerous weapon or object, as well as talk of possession, or threatening remarks, may result in suspension or expulsion.
  5. Personal Belongings:  Do not bring the following to school:  gum, skateboards, electronic devices, radios, MP3 players, iPods, pagers, cell phones, water guns, baseball bats, hardballs, valuable jewelry, and trading cards.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. Defiance of Authority:  Students are to heed all warnings and are expected to follow the directions of all school personnel.  Defiance will result in a serious consequence such as detention or suspension.
  7. Bus Behavior:  Consistently unsafe behavior on a school bus may result in a permanent suspension from bus privileges.  Parents will be responsible for providing transportation to and from school if the bus privilege is revoked.
  8. All students are expected to be in their classroom or designated line, when the bell rings, ready to work.
  9. Students must stay off planted areas and terraced areas.
  10. The front of the school is off limits for playing.
  11. Students may not leave school grounds without permission from an adult authority.
  12. Students may not run in hallways, on walkways or ramps, or between/behind buildings.
  13. If a ball goes out-of-bounds, an adult supervisor needs to be notified and permission given to fetch it.
  14. Skateboards and roller skates/blades are not allowed at school.  Shoes with wheels are not permitted.
  15. Students must eat in areas designated by their teachers.  All trash must be disposed of in proper containers.
  16. Bathroom use and drinks must be completed before the bell.




Each classroom teacher establishes the rules for his/her classroom with the students at the beginning of the year.  These rules are posted in the classroom and distributed in the first week packet and/or at Back to School Night.  Recognition for positive behavior is emphasized.



Many teachers wish to extend their program by taking their classes on field trips.  Although buses are sometimes used, most classes depend on parents to volunteer to drive.  A copy of your driver’s license, insurance card, and the district insurance form stating the limits of liability policy must be completed and turned into YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER at least one week before children can be transported in your car.  Your child's teacher will give you additional information about how you can help with field trips.



Students are asked to leave all toys at home. The only exception to this rule is an item that is brought to be shared in the classroom.  We ask that sharing items be put in a bag and have a name on the bag.  All other items will be taken from the student and returned at the end of the day, or the parent may be asked to pick them up.  We want to be sure that our playground is safe, and we wish to avoid the arguments that frequently arise when toys from home are permitted.


Students should be sure that their pets are left at home.  Dogs and cats at school pose many unnecessary problems.  If a pet is going to be brought for sharing, permission must be obtained from the teacher.  Dogs may be brought on a leash, but must be friendly.  Other pets should be brought in a wire cage or plastic container.  No glass jars, please!  Animals may not be brought to/from school on the school bus.










The staff at SLE uses a modified Positive Discipline Program.  This program teaches the students the rules and encourages them to take responsibility for their actions.  If a student chooses to break a rule, he/she will also know that there are consequences.  A basic part of the program is that positive behavior is encouraged and rewarded.  In addition, a group of upper grade students have been trained in conflict resolution and serve as conflict managers for primary recesses.  This program has been extremely successful in assisting students in finding their own peaceful solutions to conflict.


Students who have been referred to the office for discipline will receive one warning, unless it is a very serious offense.  The second time they are sent to the office, the parent is called.  Parents are notified immediately if there is a fight, use of inappropriate language in the classroom or on the playground, or if fireworks, matches, knives, tobacco or drugs are brought on the campus.  These offenses are generally grounds for suspension and possibly expulsion.  Students who engage in sexual harassment of anyone may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.


Positive behavior is rewarded in the following ways:


Super Star/VIP Programs   All classes recognize individual students in various ways. Your child's teacher will review his/her program at Back to School Night.


Academic Awards Teachers present awards in their classrooms, at trimesters, and at the end of the year. 


Perfect Attendance Awards   Students are recognized with an award for perfect attendance on a yearly basis.  Perfect attendance is defined as being in class for 1/2 of the school day and no more than 3 tardies.


Student of the Month- Teachers/staff pick students to be honored once a month.


PAW-sitively Perfect awards are given to students by staff who see students being helpful, doing something nice or going over and beyond the call of duty.






At times, children may need to be reminded to dress appropriately for daily attendance at school.  Although the type and style of clothing and hair-do are individual and personal, we are concerned when clothes or hair cause distraction or are unsafe.  SHOES SHOULD BE APPROPRIATE FOR ACTIVE RECESS AND P.E. ACTIVITIES.  Sandals/flip flops are not allowed for P.E.  Students may need to be asked to sit out of activities if their shoes are dangerous.  Non-participation could affect the grade for P.E.


Please allow for weather changes and see that sweaters and coats are sent during cooler weather.  In warmer weather, beachwear (such as short shorts or halters) is considered inappropriate.  T-shirts with inappropriate pictures or slogans will not be worn to school. 


  1. Student appearance at school should be appropriate.  Clothes must be   conservative, clean, in good repair, and the proper size.
  2. Tops, blouses, shirts & sweaters must cover torso/underwear. Spaghetti straps are not allowed.  Shirts with large arm holes/low-cut necklines need another shirt worn underneath.
  3. Shorts should not be “short-shorts.”  Pants may not “sag” (no underwear may show).
  4. T-Shirts with obscene words, alcohol/tobacco ads, questionable logos, suggestive art work, or racially offensive words/symbols are not allowed.
  5. Appropriate shoes for play must be worn at all times. Shoes must be laced or fastened.  Sandals without a back, flip flops, and platform shoes are discouraged because of inadequate support for recess and P.E. activities.  Students must wear shoes at all times.  No bare feet are allowed on campus.  This means before and after school.
  6. Students are not allowed to wear make-up or tattoos, or display body piercing (except earrings).
  7. Hats are not to be worn inside classrooms, library, M.P.R., office, etc.



Bikes may be ridden to school, but we do not recommend this mode of transportation   because Highway 9 is so dangerous.  Students are required by law to wear a helmet when riding a bike.  Bikes must be walked on the school grounds at all times.  All bikes should be locked with a strong lock and chain in the bike rack area.  The school is not responsible and will not become involved with lost or stolen bikes.  Theft or vandalism should be reported to the police.   The office should also be notified if a problem exists.  Students who do not follow good bike safety and established school rules for bikes, will not be allowed to ride their bikes to school.  Any student who is caught tampering with bikes or locks will also lose bike privileges and will be disciplined.



Skateboarding is prohibited on all SLVUSD campuses.  Skateboards appearing at school will be taken from the students and kept in the office to be released to the student's parent.








1.            Fighting is never allowed.


2.            No tackle football, wrestling, rough play or tag.


3.            Throwing of rocks, tan bark, sand or any other substance deemed dangerous is not allowed.


4.            No hard balls or semi-hard balls may be used at school at any time.


5.            Students must ask permission to get any ball leaving the play area.


6.            Climbing or swinging from trees is not allowed.


7.            Skates, radios, video games, toys, cards or dangerous implements that would be hazardous or inappropriate to the educational environment will not be brought to school unless prior approval is obtained.


8.            Equipment taken out of the classroom by a student during recess must be shared.  The person taking out the equipment is responsible for bringing it back.


9.            Students must have a pass from a teacher to use the phone at any time.


10.        Students must have a pass to come to the office.  During recess there is to be absolutely no loitering in the halls, office, bathrooms or other unsupervised areas.


11.        All playground activities need to stop when the bell rings.  Students must freeze until a yard supervisor blows a whistle.  Students need to walk to their lines.


12.        All students must walk in the hallways.











  • Students have the right to learn.


  • Students have the right to be respected and treated with kindness at school.


  • Students have the right to a safe school.


  • Students have the right to tell their side of the story.


  • Students have the right to participate in all school activities that are appropriate as long as they are eligible.








  • Students have a responsibility to allow others to work without being bothered.


  • Students have a responsibility to complete classroom assignments.


  • Students have a responsibility to help make our school a safe place to be.


  • Students have a responsibility to take care of school property.


  • Students have a responsibility to come to school on time.


  • Students have a responsibility to take important messages and communications home.


  • Students have a responsibility to practice good personal cleanliness.